Symposium on Big Data In Systems And Network Medicine

Odense, Denmark • Nov 7, 2019

On November 19th and 20th, Richard Röttger organizes a symposium on Big Data In Systems And Network Medicine with renowned international and national speakers. The preliminary program can be downloaded here.

Systems and Network Medicine redefines Medicine by revolutionizing our understanding and classification of diseases, i.e. no longer by organ or symptom, but by underlying molecular mechanism and pathway aberrations.

This visionary approach will help to finally enable Precision Medicine, i.e. precision diagnosis and precision therapy to cure and ideally prevent disease targeted to the individual patient.

In this symposium, international and national experts will present their latest results and give insights in the current developments of Systems and Network Medicine. The talks will be highly interdisciplinary, ranging from clinical science, to translational biomedical science, bioinformatics.