As a research group, we are actively involved in teaching within the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics degrees as well as in teaching for other degrees at the University of Southern Denmark.

Master Degree in Data Science

We offer a Master programme in Data Science.

Master Courses in Computer Science

At the graduate level, we offer a course package on Data Science and AI within the Master programme in Computer Science.

Thesis proposals

Master projects

We offer projects on various topics in data science and statistics. Some example topics are listed below. For details, approach the contact person.

Projects in discrete optimization can address methodological aspects of general solution approaches such as mathematical programming, constraint programming, SAT solving, heuristics and metaheuristics or problems from real-life applications in education management, manufacture scheduling, energy planning and transportation.

Contact person: Marco Chiarandini

Projects in data mining and machine learning will typically relate to my research focus on developing new methods for unsupervised learning (clustering, outlier detection), on evaluation procedures or model selection for unsupervised learning, on ensemble methods, or on special challenges such as high dimensional data, semi-supervised learning, or adaptations to specific application scenarios. If you are interested in doing a project around these topics, let's talk about current possibilities.

Contact person: Arthur Zimek

PhD projects

If you are interested in doing a PhD in Data Science and Statistics please contact us directly.