In the Data Science and Statistics (DSS) group at SDU, we combine expertise in computer science (data mining, machine learning, operations research, optimization, artificial intelligence, visualization), statistics (extreme value theory, Bayesian inference, multivariate analysis), and bioinformatics (analysis of biological networks and large-scale biomedical data). In our research, we design and evaluate methods for data analysis and strive to improve our way of understanding data and of gaining insights from data (visualization techniques, optimization). We apply data-driven techniques in practice to gain insights and to create knowledge and value in collaboration with other academic fields and with companies from both private and public sector.

Group photo (left to right): standing: Marco Chiarandini, Arthur Zimek, Peter Schneider-Kamp, Yuri Goegebeur, Hans Christian Petersen, Jonas Herskind Sejr, Richard Röttger; squatting: Rui Zhang, Fernando Colchero, Jing Qin, Nguyen Khanh Le Ho.